Saturday, November 6, 2010

Inward Journey

Snow scene at Shipka PassImage via WikipediaA lot has changed for me the past year. I help start a non-profit and I got a job and became the bread winner of my family. This has caused a lot of inner conflict for me as I find myself unable to find a new balance yet. I am looking forward to the Winter months not just for the beautiful landscapes the snow provides but for the purpose of looking inward to find my new peace.

I recently asked, "Why is it so hard to pursue happiness?"
I think the best answer that I received was "because happiness changes"
As with everything in life!

I look around and see the last of the leaves falling to the ground and feel the chill in the air. While, I don't look forward to the commercialism of the holiday to come that I always succumb to due to respect for my husband...
I do find some little joys that do come with this season.
So while I look inward to find my new path I will be sure to remember my hot cups of tea, snuggles in bed and comforting smells of spiced baked goods.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Life Happens

A lot of things have happened since I last posted here. One of the biggest things being the success of Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Association as a non-profit. We finally have a website which I put together. You can see it here:

Our calendar project is completed and has a wonderful response. We are now planning our first Annual Pagan Music Festival which will be held July 17, 2010 at the Unity College in Unity, Maine. We have some wonderful performers that will be there. Lorelei with her harp, Women with Wings, Kelliana and bellydancing from Joie Grandbois. Brian Flaherty from the Headrush Show on WERU radio will be there to not only perform but be our MC.

Also, my family recently attended the Annual Beltane on the beach at Popham. We had a blast! It was my first experience at a Maine beach. Very different from the beaches down in Florida. I even went clothes and all for a dip in the icy water.

And now with the success of our fledgling non-profit and our first Pagan Pride Day event creeping up closer....
I and a group of friends have decided to get together to create that same success in our personal lives. It is our hope to eventually live on a big piece of land as much off the grid as we can. I am very excited about this. One major thing however is I'll need my internet. I can't live without that! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogging for Brigid

Brigids CrossImage by ToobyDoo via Flickr

So, I was over at the blog, The Gods Are Bored and came across Brigid Poetry Blogging. "What is this?", I wondered. So I followed the trail back to Anne Hill's Blog o' Gnosis which kicks off the 5th Annual Brigid Poetry Festival. I couldn't pass this up and what better way to welcome Imbolc!

So, in honor of Imbolc and the Goddess Brigid(most associated with the sabbat) I will post a poem I wrote for Imbolc in 2003.

Beautiful white bride
of the countryside
Your sweet perfume
Doth fill a room
Flowers do bloom
In honor of you and your groom
And we dance again
Dance again

You turn to me
Say, "You must follow to see."
I take your hand
Together we greet the land
"This is where the magic grows,
here is the seed you must sow."
And we dance again
Dance again

Lord and Lady gave blessing
And I did of their asking
In the newborn light
We said farewell to night
So the wheel turned again
And the Lady did call me friend
And we dance again
Dance again

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new year, a new song

Many years ago I started a tradition with my best friend. We would get together on New Years or closest we could and do a small ritual. The main ingredient for this little ritual was a song. We would both pick out a song for the new year. Something that was inspirational to us and projected what we wanted for that new year. This year I am without that friend. However, I have acquired a new partner in crime and we plan to get together soon to do the same. The problem is I can't find a song! This could perhaps be because I am not sure what I want for this New Year or the fact that I just can't find a song to inspire me. So, despite the New Year here already I will still search on for that song.

Anything special you like to do as a New Year's tradition/ritual?