Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

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It is really upsetting to know that many people out in the world don't care about taking care of the place we call home in this Universe. It is all about the instant gratification of the here and now without considering consequences of their actions. Like a pebble in the stream we can do good or cause bad no matter how small that ripple, it does matter. One day out of the year we ask people stop to think about that and consider what they can do to preserve our home and because of that many of us are considered dirty idiotic hippies. It's sad....
It truly breaks my heart. 

Some things I found online today in reflection of Earth Day:

Adagio Teas is allowing people to pick from 3 locations to plant tea and virtually take care of it. After it matures (around 3 years) you will be able to reap the harvest and have it sent to you. Go to this link:

It is also National Park week and you can get free admission to these parks. So go out and enjoy some of Mother Earth. Go here for more info:

If you bring in 5 plastic bags to recycle at The Disney Store they will give you a Disney reusable bag. Check out the link:

Home Depot will be hosting free workshops including one for kids on making a planter. Check out their website:

Last thing I have for you is from Starbucks. If you bring in your own travel mug you can get a free coffee today. Check out their Facebook for info:

I personally will be celebrating Earth Day tomorrow by attending EMPPA's Earth Day Healing Web Ritual
in Coe Park in Bangor, ME. We are encouraging others to do the ritual no matter where they are in the world at the same time to send out healing energy to the Earth.

Happy Earth Day everyone!
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