Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Beginning

I felt the need to keep two different blogs. My geek blog is slowly coming along but sometimes I don't have things to write about for that topic. The other topic that I could write about is paganism or alternative religions. In theory, this plan might work. If I can't write about one thing than perhaps I can write about the other. We'll see...

So! Welcome! This blog will be dribble from the mind of a pagan mother.
I moved to Maine almost a year ago from Florida. My spirit was called here and I found an amazing spiritual family here. I have three children who, along with another mother and her two children, are a part of a homebrew pagan scout group.
I am also a co-coordinator for Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Day. It will be the first for this area and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

As far as my spiritual path goes...
I connect with both Wicca and Kemetic Orthodoxy and often just refer to myself as just pagan.
I really enjoy celebrating the 8 Sabbats and especially with friends. Moving here to Maine has allowed me to experience the Sabbats in a whole new way. I actually get to see the seasons changing and to me it is magic. The beauty never ceases for me here.



EarthVsJazz said...

I love the title. Keep it up Girl !