Monday, September 28, 2009

Mabon recap

On Sunday I had my Mabon feast. A few friends came by for it and the house was filled with noise and good smells. The things that made it onto the menu:

A stuffed turkey wrapped in bacon
Mashed potatoes
Cooked squash with sugary substance
Garden Succomush (like succotash)
Mabon bread
Pumpkin bread
Acorn bread of Death
Caramel and candied apples
chips and herb ranch dip
crackers and cheese
Pecan pie
Chocolate pudding pie
Applecookielicious pie
Homemade honey butter
Apple cider
Blackberry Merlot

A few explanations on some of the contributions...
This is only the second time I have attempted Succotash and a different recipe from the first I made. I have no idea what succotash is even suppose to look like. When I cooked it this time by a different recipe it turned into a mush thus the name of Succomush. However it is suppose to look it was a big success because everyone really liked it.

Secondly, the Acorn bread of Death was thusly named because the acorns were harvested from some oaks in a graveyard.

The apples, apple cider, squash, potatoes, and heavy cream(used to make the butter) were all products from here in Maine.

The apple variety I used are called Northern Spy.

Aset(Isis) is the Goddess I honor so I naturally made her a presence on the Mabon Shrine area for the day along with her husband Asar(Osiris). The reason I decided to put him up there with Aset is because along with his common association with the Underworld he also a God of vegetation which I thought was appropriate for a Harvest meal.

Some pictures from the feast

Squash with sugary substance

Mabon bread

Alexandra, our turkey

The Feast table

Mabon feast casualty

I hope everyone else had a Blessed Mabon!