Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Day

Okay, I promised to elaborate a bit more on a few things.

I figured I would start with the project I and a friend are coordinating together.
I am very excited to help put together the First Annual Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Day. This has been fun, I'm meeting new people, and is a labor of love.
For a few years now there has been a PPD event in Southern Maine. Since I have moved here I noticed there seems to be a large population of pagans here but not much networking or coming together. My friend and I were chatting one day and discussing this and decided to take the plunge to try and bring the pagans for this area together and increase the awareness of the community.
We had our first Interested Party where we had a hand full of people show up to discuss ideas and what we all wanted from this event. As soon as the meeting was over word spread like fire among other pagans within the community. There seems to be a great amount of enthusiasm and this just tickles me.
We have created a page on Facebook:
Eastern Maine Pagan Pride Day
We also have a Yahoo! group:

If you don't know what Pagan Pride Day is visit the website:
Pagan Pride Project
You might even decide to bring this to your area!

Our first fundraising event will be a Witches Ball on Oct. 30th. This will include bonfire, music and contests!

Please, if you support this cause and wish to help in any way contact me
Let me know how you wish to contribute!