Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome Mrs. B's Followers!

This blog was just created not that long ago but I hope is enjoyable to all.
I am a stay at home mother of 3 and happily married. I lived in Florida all my life and just recently (almost a year ago) made sudden life change and moved with my family to gorgeous Maine.
So, enjoy what I have so far. :)

Hope everyone's Samhain is blessed!

And don't forget your Ancestors!


Divaeva said...

Merry Meet &
Blessed Samhain!

Nydia said...

Loved your blog, have a blessed Smahain!

ELLIE said...

just stopping by to say hi from mrs B's blog - have a wonderful holiday said...

Another of Mrs. B.'s faithful readers stopping in. Have a blessed Samhain!

Suzie said...

Your blog looks beautiful! I'm so happy that Mrs. B directed us over your way!

I've been to Maine, and absolutely loved it! I'm happy that you are enjoying your major move!

Wishing you a Blessed Samhain, and a vry Happy Halloween!

Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Im happy to have found your lovely blog, and thanks for having us in from Mrs. B;s. What a fun October it has been!

Wishing you and yours a wonderfull Halloween & Samhain!
~Danae<(:o) aka 'Crafty'