Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick stop in...

I have been recently consumed with other things in life and have not been able to put aside some time to write a thoughtful blog.
However, there are things I intend to share on here as soon as I can.

1. Last Full Moon: I have a picture!

2. Pagan Pride Day: I'm Co-coordinator for next year's First annual Pagan Pride Day for my area.

3. Excting news for myself regarding an offer to volunteer to a good cause. WooT!

So hang on a bit and I'll get a chance to elaborate a bit more.

Blessed Be!


Rapunzel said...

I am finding myself in the same position, no time to really focus on blogging or, alas, to totally participate in Mrs. B's event. So glad to "see" you posting, though, if only a snippet! :)

mrsb said...

How cool of you to help coordinate PPD! That's awesome!

You won the Emily Balivet postcards :O)

Please use the contact button on the top of my blog to send my your shipping info!