Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fill in the blank

it's been awhile. I know...

Our Witches Ball was a success and we raised enough money to file with the state of Maine as a non-profit. (Huzzah!)
We will soon be having our next interested party meeting on Nov. 15th and discussing what to do from here.

Lately I have noticed a strong need to organize things before Winter hits. This is a cycle I am not use to but not unappreciative. However, with my focus on the mundane things I have been disconnected spiritually. Something that I think happens to all of us. So, I decided to pull out my tarot cards and Karma cards last night to see what they had to tell me. I should expect it by now as it always happens...but they actually told me what I pretty much already knew. Ha! What few things that seem cryptic to me never make sense until the event actually passes.

I absolutely love my tarot deck. It was a gift to me from a best friend back when we were young teens. I have since found out that it is no longer in print and going for a lot of money. That just blows my mind. Although I would never depart with my beloved deck. The Karma cards were a bridal shower gift and are really nifty.
It is split up into three small decks; Planets, Signs, and Houses.
You can ask either an Action question (such as "what should I do?") or an outcome question (such as "What will happen if...?") and draw one card from each deck. If it is an action question you will out the red side up to read and if it is outcome then the blue side up to read. Now this is the really cool part because the 3 cards form 3different sentences that apply to Spiritual, Mental and Physical.
If you get a chance to check them out, please do!

Now off, to have a visit with a friend and have some yummy Smoothies.

Blessed Be!